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Christmas Song Lyrics
Compiled by Charles P. Scott

With Wondering Awe
With wondering awe the wise men saw
The star in heaven springing
And with delight, in peaceful night
They heard the angel singing
Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna to His name

By light of star they traveled far
To seek the lowly manger
A humble bed wherein was laid
The wondrous little Stranger
Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna to His name

And still is found, the world around
The old and hallowed story
And still is sung in every tongue
The angels' song of glory
Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna to His name

The heavenly star its rays afar
On every land is throwing
And shall not cease till holy peace
In all the earth is growing
Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna to His name

About This Song
“With Wondering Awe” was first published, both words and music, in the December 1877 issue of the popular children’s magazine St. Nicholas, at the conclusion of a short play entitled “The Minstrel’s Carol: A Christmas Colloquy.” It was later printed on December 24, 1877, in the York Daily, a newspaper published at York, Pennsylvania. Here, the words are ascribed to L. V. Blake, and the music to William K. Bassford.

The source from which this Christmas carol was borrowed, according to the York Daily, is “St. Nicholas for December.” But no author or composer names are given in St. Nicholas, and it is therefore not known from what source or by what means the above names were obtained; perhaps one of these men sent this song to the Pennsylvania newspaper himself.
The article this excerpt was taken from was
written by Brett Nelson pf Latter-Day Saints Hymnology
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A blessed and wonderful Christmas to all of you.

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