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Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. ~ Isaiah 7:14

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Peace Family Advent
Intro | Requirements | 1st Sunday | 2nd Sunday
3rd Sunday | 4th Sunday | Christmas Eve / Day
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For this time of celebration, you will need:
  1. A special time and location in the house to hold the Family Advent celebration
    • A place as far as possible from frequent disturbances.
    • The same locale in each of the four weeks.

  2. A leader, a reader and a candle lighter for each celebration
    • The reader is to read scripture.
    • The leader reads or tells the significance of each candle. As presented in this book, this will involve part of the Christmas story.
    • Use a variety of ways to select these leaders, giving all members of the family an opportunity. Those not reading can enjoy “echoing” the words from an older helper.

  3. A Bible
    • This document, “Peace Family Advent”.

  4. An Advent Wreath
    • Purchased or
    • Home constructed

  5. Greenery to cover the wreath (optional
    • Cuttings from the yard or imitation greenery, available at a variety or craft store.
    • Thin wire for fastening the greenery to the base.

  6. Four candles for the wreath
    • Traditionally purple, but red may be used.

  7. One white candle
    • Christmas or Christ candle
    • For the center of the wreath.

  8. Matches for lighting the candles.

A blessed and wonderful Christmas to all of you.

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